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View Art Topics
Art Topics

Students worked on several topics over the past few weeks. One theme focused on positive and negative space. Tessellations are a perfect challenge to illustrate this topic.

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View Ceramics 1 & 2
Ceramics 1 & 2

Ceramics students spent time working on hand-building techniques such as pinch pots and slab building with amazing results!

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View Intro. to Art
Intro. to Art

"Intro" is a beginner course to help students explore the elements and principles of art. Notan Designs were a lesson that had students focusing on shape and space...two very important elements to creating art.

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View Painting 1 & 2
Painting 1 & 2

Students spent the last few weeks focusing on watercolor. They were challenged to focus on color and design while incorporating techniques that are unique to the medium.

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