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Subjects Taught
Honors Geom - S0424, Keystone Alg w/ Geom - S0448, Keystone Math - S0449, Trg/Anl/Geo - S0436


Mr. Gfeller earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics with a Minor Degree in Education from Westminster CollegeHe has also earned a Master Equivalency Certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


Mr. Gfeller taught mathematics at Bishop Hoban High School from February 1992 to June 1992.  He taught mathematics at Regis Academy from September 1992 to June 1993.   Mr. Gfeller has been teaching mathematics at the Wyoming Area School District since August of 1993.


Mr. Gfeller is married with two children who are currently both attending Penn State University.  He is avid fan of both Penn State football and the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He has three dogs, Penny State, Braddy Shaw and Sparkplug, and one cat, Funnyface.  He enjoys shooting pool and watching football during his spare time.